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yuko's diary 7/1/21

Last night when we went to check our home, there was this white, big snake by my garden.

It was maybe 1m long. It was not scary or dangerous.

Snake is the sign of working life cycle, so I was happy to see it.

Woke up 5:30, but stayed bed little longer.

At home, I watered the garden, and transplanted sprouts to the bigger and deeper containers. I don’t know if it works or not, though...

It’s must been more than two weeks since I planted them, so by now, it’s clear that some of them will not comme out.

This is same at the garden. Some plants won’t survive the heat, or I planted too early.

I knew I will fail a lot, but I felt sorry for them.

Dan went up to the attic from the outside to see what’s inside. There was nothing. Just an empty space.

By 10 am, we felt hungry, so got some groceries and back to the rental. On the way, we got Washington license plate! yay.

He made this beautiful avocado toast with egg and kimchi. Yum

When we were changing the license plate, M came by and we decided today’s task.

Then went to this hardware store to buy insulation to put in the attick. It will save us from the heat and cold.

Back home, we roughly decided about new windows, then went to talk about flooring.

As of now, we are going to put some replaceable one.

Then we got pizza for lunch, went to farmer’s market. I bought water birch and seeds (broccoli, beets, and lettuce) from the same lady. We also bought some vegetables.

After lunch, we took shower, and were done for today. Did laundry and took nap.

Today was much better. It got to 100, but there were clouds and wind.

It will stay this way for a while. High: 100 Low: 69

One month has passed since we left New York.

It was greatest June of my life.



















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