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green thumbs

Miniature assault rifle, Embroidery thread, Cotton cloth, Polyester fiber fill

4"x 6"x 2"


When Russia attacked Ukraine, my friend recommended me this French children book called “Tistou les pouces verts (Tistou of The Green Thumbs)” by Maurice Druon.

This boy Tistou has green thumbs and can grow plants over night, and he eventually stops a war.

When I moved to this suburb and started my garden, I learned how chaotic, strong, and beautiful

all plants including weeds are.

I often go out to my garden, study plants, and imagine them taking over this broken human society.

My husband found this miniature assault rifle on the ground in our small town. Who needs this for what? We do not need this war weapon let alone the real ones.






Special Thanks to my husband, and a great artist, Daniel John Weiner
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